How I discovered the remarkable power that lies within all of us

And why I know that everyone, including YOU, can activate their own powerful gifts, and live an inspired and purposeful life

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Have you ever felt like …

Your emotions are running your life?

Everything looks fine on the surface, but underneath you’re struggling?

You think no one would like the real you, so you’re constantly playing a role, just to fit in?

You feel stressed, irritable or anxious a lot of the time, even if you’re not sure why?

Sound familiar? Well, that was how I felt for a lot of my adult life.

Looking back, I can see that all through my 20’s and 30’s I had very little self-esteem and I felt insecure all the time. I felt less intelligent, less accomplished, less attractive, less interesting … Pretty much any “less than” you can think of, I probably felt it!

Then one day, something happened that was so astonishing, so impossible,  it pushed me out of the small, dark place I’d been hiding away in.

I discovered the incredible gifts and abilities that lie within ALL of us, and I gained access to a previously unimagined and unseen reality that I now know is just as real as the physical world.

I’m now passionate about helping spiritually-evolving people to connect with the extraordinary gifts and power within them, giving them the freedom to heal old wounds, to align to their soul path and to create the lives they dream of.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and since you’ve landed on my website, just trust that you’re here for a reason.

So I invite you to keep reading and I hope you feel inspired and motivated by what you find here

This is my story

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I feel like my life has been in 2 separate parts – before 2012, and after

Before 2012

For most of my life I had no time for anything even vaguely spiritual. I used to roll my eyes at the idea of “energy healing” and both my career and my mindset were firmly grounded in science and the physical world.

But even though, on the surface, everything seemed fine and I loved my job as an Intensive Care nurse and Clinical Researcher, under the surface I was unsettled and unhappy.

When I met my husband, things began to improve. He loved and accepted me exactly as I was, which was something I had never been able to do for myself.

Fast forward to 2011 and, on paper, my life looked amazing. But deep down I often felt like something was wrong. I was my own worst critic, I lived on an emotional roller coaster, and I couldn’t work out how to make things better.

It was really exhausting to be me, but I had no idea how to change anything

“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.”

Steve Jobs

In October 2011 I decided to try meditation. I’d heard it can calm people and relieve stress so I figured I had nothing to lose.

At that time I was also reading books on all sorts of spiritual topics and, as I read and meditated, I learned more about myself and I began to heal my lack of self-worth.

It felt like the missing pieces of me were slowly falling into place and I knew that, somehow, all of this personal and spiritual growth was important
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And then, in February 2012

Mac on grass



One of our beloved cats, 4 year old Mac, became seriously unwell.

The vet could feel a lump in his abdomen and eventually, after further investigations, she told us that Mac had an aggressive tumour and there was little that could be done to help him.

I was heartbroken at this news and that night, as I sat with Mac on my lap, I had a really strong sense that I had to help him.

“Never forget that you are powerful beyond your knowing.”

Patricia Cota-Robles

With Mac sitting on my lap, I gently put my hands on his tummy and I could immediately feel a strange, prickly sensation in the palms of my hands. In my mind’s eye, I started to visualise energy going from my hands and into this tumour in Mac’s abdomen.

Then, as I continued to watch, the tumour slowly began to shrink, and dissolve away.

Of course the logical, scientific part of my mind was yelling: “What are you doing? This is crazy! You’re just imagining all of this.”

But whatever “this” was, it seemed to soothe Mac so I left my hands on his tummy until he fell asleep.

A few days later the vet rang to check on Mac and I told her that, actually, he seemed fine! He was back to his normal playful self. The vet thought that sounded strange as Mac had been so unwell when she last saw him, so she asked me to bring him back to the clinic.

To our amazement, when the vet examined Mac’s abdomen, she could feel no trace of the large, firm mass that had been causing him so much pain.

We were both quite stunned, and a little FREAKED OUT! How was that even possible?

But, from examining Mac’s tummy and watching him as he played, it seemed quite clear – the tumour that had been there just days before, was gone.


Mac sitting on fence

“It’s only if you leave your comfort zone that you can grow and transform.”

Ray C. Williams

Following Mac’s inexplicable healing, I was determined to try and understand how this seemingly impossible thing could have happened.

So I got onto google, and soon found a ton of similar stories about so-called “miracle” healings.

After scoffing at the idea of energy healing for so long, I was now totally fascinated by it, and strongly compelled to find out more.

So, as crazy as it would have seemed to me just a few months earlier, I began to study Reiki, and 4 years later I officially become a Reiki master.

In a relatively short space of time, I’d taken a huge leap from the world of science and the physical laws, into the realms of Energy and Spirit.

To my surprise, as I worked with clients, previously unknown psychic and spiritual gifts began to open within me.

My healing sessions became a powerful blend of energy work, psychic information and spiritual guidance, and this helped my clients to achieve profound levels of healing for all sorts of issues.

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I am certainly not suggesting that, if you work with me, you will receive a “miracle” healing. We can’t explain what happened with Mac, but I believe that this experience occurred to open my mind to new possibilities and to push me in a new direction because, since that time, my life has transformed in amazing ways.

Where I am today

As my psychic connection grew stronger, I started to offer individual readings, to help people to make sense of their lives, to reconnect with their soul’s path and to see a clearer way forward.

I became passionate about teaching people how to uncover their own spiritual gifts and abilities, through my Spiritual Coaching.

And at last my life is rich and fulfilling. I love my life, I love my work and I’m excited for the future instead of feeling scared.

I now know that we are all far more powerful than we believe, and it is my mission to teach others just how much is possible for them.

Would you like to take the first step towards healing your past

and realising your true potential?

Let me show you how