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Have you been feeling recently like there is something changing within you?

Or do you have a sense that there must be more to life, more to YOU, than just this?

Don’t worry. Like countless others in these times …

You may be having a spiritual awakening.

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“The 10 Most Common Signs You’re Having a Spiritual Awakening.”

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Let’s work together

If you would like to…

Finally move past the traumas and struggles that have kept you playing small

Gain clarity and direction to achieve profound and lasting change

Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth

… then you’re in the right place!


When I began seeing Helen I was struggling to cope emotionally. She has helped me to heal in so many ways and has given me the confidence to make some amazing changes in my life.

Francesca M.

The Path to Transformation

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Feel lighter, stronger and more confident about your next steps.

Healings set you on a path of profound personal and spiritual transformation by identifying and releasing the blocks that are holding you back.

Receive powerful insights and loving guidance to help you shift what is no longer needed, so you can move forward with greater ease and certainty.

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A reading will give you the answers you’ve been searching for so you can be aligned to the highest potential for your life.

These sessions are a conversation with the soul that exists within you, and knows the bigger picture of your past, present and future. You’ll feel empowered to take charge, and move forward with clarity and direction.

Because when you’re on the right path, life just flows. And it feels amazing!

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Psychic & Spiritual Development

Discover and awaken your own psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

You already have within you all the tools you need to clearly connect with the realms of Spirit.

Learn how to receive your own messages and guidance from Spirit Guides and loved ones.

Join one of my Development Groups and discover just how gifted you truly are!


My first healing session with Helen was amazing and left me feeling like a weight had been lifted. I feel better than I have in months, and now I have real hope for the future.


Mornington, Australia


Two minutes into my reading I knew Helen was the “real deal”. She has a beautiful, calm presence and a clear connection to the Spirit World.

She brought through meaningful and accurate information which cut through the fog, and gave me a clear direction to go in. I’m so grateful.


Florida, USA


Doing this workshop was life-changing for me. I learned so much, both about myself and about how to connect with the spirit world. It’s easier than I thought!

Helen is warm, friendly and engaging and I found the whole workshop fascinating. I’m excited to see where this takes me.


Melbourne, Australia

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For in-person sessions, full address is provided on booking.

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